Monday, July 12, 2010

TJ Maxx Score!

Yes, I know. I am Like 5 but I don't care. Check out my TJ Maxx find!
I got this Paul Frank bag for $5 bucks, yeah! I was walking down the rows and I know I am not suppose to be buying anymore purses or bags of any kind. My closet and bins are overflowing with them. But this one screamed out, take me home!!!
So I did! I really like Paul Frank's designs and this is just a fun little purse about 10 inches tall and 5 inches across. Its now my fun makeup case at the moment. Unfortunately, its to small for me to use for a handbag. I carry to much with me on a daily basis to use something this small.
Would I buy it again, Hells Yeah! If it wasn't the only one I would have bought all they had to give to friends and you never know I could use it for a present wrapping.
Best Wishes for You and Yours,

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