Sunday, July 4, 2010

CCO Score and Fail!

CCO score! The fail later. CCO is the Cosmetic Company Outlet. They sell discounted Estee Lauder, MAC, Origins, Bobbi Brown and others that I can't seem to remember. Makeup Geek has listed on her forum pages the list of all CCO's across the USA so check it out I will give her website address below. But if you have found my little blog, I would be surprised if you don't already know about MUG and her Muggies. (Does anyone else think of Harry Potter or is it just me? Just saying)
This was from the holiday 2009 collection and it is the warm colors. Five miniature lipglasses. Now the lipglasses are smaller in general from the dazzleglasses and these are much smaller than those. It wasn't bad at all though for the quality of the gloss and CCO price.
It comes in Pinkular which looks copper gold; Gitane which is a darker rose gold; Magnetique which in my opinion looks like a perfect gloss of MAC's Show Orchid with some blue sparkles. Instant gold is pretty much self explanatory, its a light gold color with gold sparkles. Now the fail, the 5th gloss is lost. I don't remember what is its name. Ugh. Its the one in the middle picture right in the middle. I loved the dark purple and grabbed it out of my bag and had it on before I hit the car. I had it for the pictures above but now can't find it. Its probably lost in my black hole of a purse, aka everything but the kitchen sink I carry around.
In the pictures above you can see that some of the glosses have separated, but no worries cause all you have to do is pump the wand a couple of times and it is remixed. The weird thing that caught my attention is that three have doe foots and two have brush applicators. Weird, huh?
Would I buy these again, yep. Most definitely. CCO though. I like the holiday packaging and that you can get a couple of different ones to try for a nice price.
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