Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nails of the Day ~ Zoya

Nails of the Day
Sorry this is on its side, for some reason I can't seem to get the photos to rotate save and post correctly. So sideways it is.
I don't own too many Zoya Nail Polish. When I headed to my local beauty supply store on Friday and saw this shade there, my beauty budgeted amount for the week was spent! Well spent in my humble opinion. Its called Anaka.
I put this on Friday night and this picture was Saturday evening. There is some wearing at the tips, but in the polish's defense I spent the majority of the day cleaning. With the exception of catching "The Last Airbender" this morning. Yeah, if I want to go to the movies I hit up the first show of the day. On Saturdays its Five bucks at my local theater so its budget friendly and if it sucks then I am not out too much.
Sideways note ~ I am a redbox fan! If you have a redbox near you, you'll never go back to renting movies from a store but I digress.
This is in the failing light, but you can see some of the pretty pinky purple. Its got some sparkles, but not as strong by any means like OPI's Absolute Alice or such. The pictures don't do it justice. I am not really a fan of pink. I love me some blues and greens so if I like a pinky color you know its got blue undertones.
For some comparison, my fave candy of all time, well 2nd fave, twizzlers. Picture is from inside this evening.
I found this brand on line and have been very happy with the wearing time on it. This brand is on a lot of blogs. I do have seche vite on top which always helps me extend wear time.
Since I had a coupon for the store and picked up 3 other nail polishes it came out to $5 bucks a piece which is a bit pricey for me. For reference, on the site a set of 6 is about $50. I usually can pick up China Glaze there for $3 each. So it was a splurge. I will be posting and wearing the others thru out the week.
Best wishes always for you and yours!

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