Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pretty packaging oh, how I love thee

Yeah, I buy stuff that has cool packaging. I am one of the nameless masses that keep marketing people in business. That being said, Love this packaging! The makeup, isn't that great. Nothing to write home about. It does the job, but nothing overly spectacular that you couldn't get from a wet n wild shadow.
Its obviously silver, I picked it up a while back on Ebay for about $5 so I am not out of pocket too much. I really like the Gothic Victorian print Anna Sui does on all of her makeup. I only own one other makeup item from her line which is also a so so makeup product, but scores with the packaging.

I searched and searched for the vanity set months ago after seeing it online and I finally got one off of Ebay. So this sits nicely with it hardly used. It still has the rose print still cut away even after multiple uses. I think that Anna Sui falls in my opinion, to the category of pretty design but not a good payoff on color. Its pretty big in Asia and maybe that is why I don't like it. It wasn't made with my market in mind. From what limited knowledge I have of Asian makeup it seems to be gorgeous packaging with a low color payoff. But I could be wrong, I don't own any other brand of Asian makeup. The Muse over at musings of a muse seems to really like the Asian makeup and there is Jill Stuart that sells primarily to that market and it seems cool.
I just wish that say MUFE would do a line with really cool packaging...but that brand is totally made for professionals and its what inside that counts.
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