Friday, July 16, 2010

Trying to beat the heat

So I have been trying to beat the heat here in Jersey and it is a losing battle.  Thankfully the humidity has dropped the past couple of days so I can get out a bit more and it doesn't feel like I am swimming in Soup!
This little packet of Blotting Papers has been in my purse since May and doesn't look like it is coming out anytime soon.
They retail off of the site for $1.00 which is pretty awesome.  Now normally if I get shiny I will go to the ladies room and blot some tissue paper or take one of the seat covers (new from the back) and blot to take away any extra shine that my lovely combo skin is giving me that day!

As you can see they are not white.  It doesn't feel harsh and I really don't notice any difference of using this one.  The website says that it has green tea infused into the sheets, hence the little spots.  I haven't noticed any difference based off of what I use to use.  I just like the fact that I am not putting TP or a but shield on my face.  LOL.  In a pinch watch out!
Would I buy again, yep.  Its worth the dollar for the fact that I don't have to stand in the Ladies room at work trying to hurry and blot my face with something that will most definitely start a conversation!

Best Wishes Always to You and Yours,

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