Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fell in love with Ruby

Ruby Woo that is! Its from MAC and has to be in my top two red lipsticks.

Check out the color. OOh so pretty. I love that it is matte. From what I understand is that Matte stays longer than cream.
You can see from the photo below that the red is very matte. Its not the easiest to apply. I am very use to just swiping and going on about my business. This one gives a bit of a tug to move across your lips but it is worth the trouble because with a color this bright you have to make sure that you have it in the right place.

On a side note, I put some glitter on this using some OCC tip tar and the tiniest bit of gloss. It looked awesome and wore really well for a good couple of hours. Now I do recommend the lip liner in brick.
Would I buy it again, Hell Yeah! I understand why this color is a cult favorite. Its a permanent shade from what the lady at the counter told me.
Best Wishes Always for You and Yours,

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