Monday, July 5, 2010

Sleek the original

My first Sleek Palette!
Also called the original palette, no that's it name. The original. Cool enough. This makeup company is based out of England and is available in their drugstores. It was originally made for women of color. Which is wonderful because a lot of makeup made specifically with Brown Ladies in mind has a lot of pigment.
I got this as a present from my friend as a congrats for going to the gym for a month straight. I still go and do enjoy it! She had went to England for a wedding and was nice enough to snag this one up for me. It has a ton of wearable work shades and had a couple of funky blues and greens to kick it up a notch. Bonus it is so creamy! I have used this palette before and in the future too with just my fingers. It blends so easily that you would think the formulation is high end.
Actually it blends better than some of my high end shadows.
As you can see I already been using this one for a while, but I like it so much I just had to share! All of the Sleek palettes that I have seen have so far have a black matte shadow as to blend in with all of the beautiful colors.
It did come with a sponge tip applicator but I lost it or threw it away.
Here is the web address for the company below. The company doesn't currently sell in the US so you have to order online and wait for international shipping. Also not all palettes that you see on European blogs and youtube videos are not available to ship. Weird, huh?

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