Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Staples, Staples and Staples.

So lately I have been trying to limit my makeup purchases to staples. Good colors that can be used a multitude of ways.

So with an Ulta coupon in hand I picked up Black Bean from NYX.
I see this used time and time again in YouTube tutorial videos and on plenty of blog tutorial post too. 

Its number 601 and for some reason I have had a hard time finding at Ulta whenever I happen to be in the store and remember to look for staples!
I am guessing that it is because so many people keep picking it up.
The pencil kinda gets me.  I don't like that you have to sharpen.  I would much rather see a twist up.  Since the formula is so cream I can just see this being a mess in the sharpener.  What I usually do with eye pencils that are really creamy is throw it in the freezer for about half an hour or so then sharpen them.  Or a wait get a couple and do it on a weekday night so they are all good to go.  This also makes me use my other colors that I sometime neglect when using my standbys all of the time!
For as cheap as this product is I was surprised how pigmented the black actually is.  Its a good product but does crease.  You have to set it with shadow or this will turn into panda eyes without a doubt!

Thanks for looking!!!
I hope you find all of your wishes!
Love Mo


BLIX said...

I transferred mine to jars to make it easier and less wasteful. Check out youtube for some helpful videos on how to do it!

Bluestar's Blog said...

Ooh Thank you! I will have to do that. Goodness knows I have tons of sample jars!