Monday, January 10, 2011

My Cham-pale

I was pretty excited to see the Cham pale collection come out from MAC.  A lot of nudes and shimmer.  I purchase online as soon as it came out to make sure I got the items I wanted for sure.  MAC is coming out with so many collections back to back and they make such limited quantities that it is quite frustrating.  I know that the collection came out on the 26th of December and by New Years Day they were already sold out of the eyeliner online. 

Here is what I got from my online order.
I based my choices off of Temptalia's swatches and review videos and recommendations.  I can't say enough good things about her.  Christine does a wonderful job of showing true to color swatches and excellent recommendations based off of your skin tones. 
So lets start off with Bubble Lounge.  Its a Lipgelee.  I love these.  They are my favorite.  I guess because the inner money pincher in me wants to make sure I get every last bit of lipgloss out of the tube before I chuck it in the trash.  Although with MAC you can keep 6 containers and return it to MAC for a lipstick or shadow for FREE!!!  Bubble Lounge is a pinky shimmer.  Let me correctly phrase it, a Shimmer Pink.  Yeah there is soooo much glitter in these you have to make sure you don't end up with it on your chin!
Because I love lipgelees I got another in

Straight to the Head.  So makes me want to make potty jokes but this turned out to be my favorite out of this purchase.  Its still Shimmer then color but the Shimmer is toned down a bit with the darker color.

They had a lot of new paint pots in this collection but the one I wanted at first looks too much like an Aqua Cream that I already own.  Dangerous Cuvee is a dupe for #2 MUFE.  I love paint pots but Aqua Creams hands down do not crease on my hooded lids like paint pots.  Mind you, I am talking about with no shadow to set it.
Anyhoo, I picked up

Vintage Selection.  Its pretty cool.  Very shimmery.  Now onto some pics instead of boring pictures of the boxes.
From Left to right Vintage Selection, Straight to the Head and then Bubble Lounge.

They are very similar in shades as you can see from the swatches below.
From Left to Right, Vintage Selection, Bubble Lounge and then Straight to the Head.

I am really happy with the products I picked up.  Hopefully with all of the collections out they still have them left at your counter to pickup!

Thanks for looking.  Part two coming soon.

Website to check out if you don't already have it favorite in your bookmarks:

Lots of love and Champagne,

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