Friday, January 7, 2011

Lush Haul

I picked up a couple of items from Lush before all of the Xmas stuff is gone.

I picked up this sugar scrub called Sugar Plum Fairy.  It smells great but I think that with one use it will crumble to pieces.
I also got this bubble bar called Christmas Eve.  You can easily crumble this up to make a couple of baths.  The jasmine does really shine thru and the bath gets this wonderful blue color.

I got two skin bars. This one called Kin of skin and Buffy.
Right off the bat I love the name Buffy!  Who doesn't love Buffy?  Well I guess that I don't. I can't stand the bar.  Its waxy that doesn't seem to heat up and then after repeated use it just get scratchy.  Yeah I know is suppose to be a body scrub but it really does not inspire me to rub on my ample backside. 
Where as King of Skin is a different story.  I really like this body butter.  It melts quite easily and leaves my skin feeling great.  The only thing that is a negative is that it is to big to use the tin.  You have to wear it down a bit before you can take it on the go.

Thanks for looking!

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