Friday, January 14, 2011

My Cham Pale Part Duex

So here it is Part Two

I placed an online order, which I was quite happy with my purchases.  So me being me, went out and purchased some more from one of my favorite MAC counters.
I purchased another Lipgelee (big shocker), paint pot and a Chromographic Pencil.

This is my glitter bomb out of the collection, but I could not pass it up.  I love layering a pretty lipstick or long lasting lipcolor with lipgelee.  It gives it a pop of shimmer and keeps long lasting lip colors (like Loreal long last Infallible) looking hydrated instead of all banged out after a couple of hours of wear.
Can you see the glitter shining thru from the lipgelee?
From top to bottom, Sin-tillation, Let Me Pop and then NC 15/ NW 20 chromographic pencil.  I know a lot of people use this for their water line to make the eyes look bigger.  I think it looks a bit weird on me.  Now I did not have any eyeliner on the top so this might end up working for that purpose.  What I have found it use for for is spots.  I am an NW 20, so in the morning if after I have put foundation on I can zap out any little redness that might be peaking thru.  Now mind you this isn't the best way I am sure, but when I am a bit lazy and don't want to get my fingers dirty or another brush this helps in a hurry. 

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