Monday, January 24, 2011

My New Obsession

My New Nails!!!!

I decided to get gel nails.  I love them.  Lately I have had very brittle flaky nails.  Hence the lack of pictures on my nails.  The just look horrid.  I can't keep nail polish on them.  I have been trying to get them back into shape with rubbing cuticle oils, putting hard as nails on etc.. So finally I threw my fingers up and went to my local nail salon and broke down and got new nails. 
I haven't had nails this long in forever!  Even though the gel nails are more expensive I feel that they weren't as harsh as acrylics.  I did get tips but hopefully they will grow out nicely.  I also really like that I can change up my polish and have the french tips underneath. 
To date I have already changed out my nail color 3 times and they still look great!

Thanks for looking!
Love Mo.

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