Friday, January 28, 2011

Phyrra & New Backgound

So some of you might have noticed that I change the background and a bit of the layout.

I got the previous layout from I had seen the cool layout on the Pink Sith's site. You should check out her site.  She does great reviews and an awesome Thursday Poll that I look forward to reading every week.  So I got a cool layout and background from Pyzam. Now let me first to admit that I am not computer savvy.  Which is pretty bad to admit since part of my job is to navigate my company's dealers around our website.  At work though I have an awesome tech team that will answer my questions fix broken items and generally help me look good in front of the dealers.

So I followed the directions on Pyzam to the best of my abilities and loaded onto the blog.  I loved that background! 
 So eearlier on the day I had a horrendous morning wake up and I thought wow. This day sucks and can't get any worse. So I hopped on the computer and lo and behold I had a message from Phyrra's twitter. Yep, freak out time, weird squeals and funny dancing. Lots of smiles until I read the message. She couldn't leave a comment on my blog. D'oh!  Can you believe that? I finally get another great blogger to check out my site and what do you know, she can't leave a comment.

My gut reaction is to act like a baby and fuss. I had already had a bad day and was that the icing on the cake. People can't comment on your blog.
Part of my reason for starting this blog was so that I could not only write about makeup that I love but learn new things about running a blog and all of the tech stuff that goes with it.  My secret hope was that I would be able to then communicate with some of my favorite bloggers and Youtubers.  Of course you don't need to have a blog to converse with bloggers and Youtubers.  I know that before I had a blog, Kragey at Youtube would regularly respond to my comments on her videos which means the world to me.  I know I have such hang ups about putting pictures of myself out there that I think it takes big ba*ls to make videos and posts showing your picture.  Everyone has hang ups about how they look and when you put yourself out there you open yourself up to negative comments from absolute strangers and I am not ready for that.  I have gotten better and it still kinda weirds me out that my most popular post has a picture of me almost full length after huffing down the streets in NYC carrying my kitchen sink of a bag.  

When I started blogging of course I didn't have any real views other than a couple of my friends who knew that I was trying this out.  I went to the Makeup Show in NYC and was lucky enough to meet Brittnay from Clumps of Mascara.  She gave me such good advice and provided me with a bunch of information that I am still trying to complete!  So I then stopped wishing to have something profound to say to great bloggers and just respond what I was thinking to their post.  I am still a bit of a lurker, but like many things in my life I am working on it. 

One of the first blogs that I commented on was The Moon Maiden-Blix (Glitter is my crack! telling her how much I loved a post she did about camping and hiking.  It made me smile for days that she responded back to me and became a follower of my blog! Still makes me smile! I can't say how much I appreciate everyone who checks this blog out and all the lovely comments.  It makes me so happy and gets me inspired to do better every time.  Thank you right now for reading this!

 Back to the main reason to start a blog was to converse with all of you out there about makeup and get ideas and cool suggestions.  Comments A no go. 

I lucked out and I got some help from nitecruzr on blogger help.  I changed the background, template and he was nice enough to test the site for me and give me reference material on how to fix it in the future.  Can you believe that?  How great is the Internet that a perfect stranger could see my frantic post on a help forum and within less than half the time you can shake a stick at, had me up and running again and able to get comments and provide me with reference material.  I am so lucky!

I couldn't respond back to Phyrra on twitter.  I think my computer dunce hat was back on.  I still have a bit of a problem with twitter getting the hang of it an all. I hope she checks back.  Cross your fingers for me please!  

Thank you for reading this extremely long rambling post!  Please be sure to check out the links below for the websites.  They are an amazing set of bloggers and equal cool You Tuber!

Websites to check out:

Clumps of Mascara:

Kragey's You Tube Channel:

Blogger help, The Real Blogger Status:

Thank you for looking my little lemondrops!
A little postscript, I know that many bloggers and you tubers get thousands of comments and post about them.  I don't think that just because they don't personally respond to me they don't care about thier readers or viewers comments they leave.  I am sure they love all the comments as much as I do!


Phyrra said...

Yay! I can comment now :)
Yeah I'd tried to leave comments a few times but it kept erroring so I finally realized it wasn't my browser, and I should message you and let you know.

Bluestar's Blog said...

OMG!!! Thank you for checking out my blog and commenting! This so made my day!!! Thank you again for letting me know. I really appreciate it.