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Lush After Xmas

What is all of this?

A big haul from Lush for a little price! 

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It started out as a good day. It was kinda rainy and New Years Day!  I woke up late because I had a great time on New Years Eve.  One of my friends came over and we made fondue!  We were at our Christmas get together for a bunch of our friends at Redstone in Marlton.  I got there a little late and ordered their Jerked Chicken fondue because I just wanted to pick at the chicken and cheese. You know all of the good stuff.  But it made my healthier side happy because it came with apples and grapes.  I totally had to scoot the bread around on the opposite side from me, nom nom! 
Back to the story, a bunch of us decided instead of buying gifts for each other (there is about 7 of us at any given time depending on who is in town) we would just spend time together.  It works out great.  We go somewhere fun and sometimes a bit on the pricey side and hangout for a couple of hours.  We also do this for birthdays, except the birthday girls in that month don't pay. 
Wow, my friends are right I totally to get side tracked easily.  My friend, Ms. H and I were commenting on how much fun it is to eat fondue and that we both had fondue kits that neither of us had used.  So a plan was hatched to get together for New Years Eve and make fondues and watch the ball drop.  It was so much fun.  So much that we were up well past 3 am!  I chalk it up to the yummy chocolate fondue that Ms. H made!
So figuring that I needed to get in some exercise and that I had missed out on the great online sale at Lush I hopped the Patco line and ended up at the Lush on Walnut St.
What did I find?  The Mummers Parade still going on.  Yep, I kinda thought well there must be something going on.  Then the stale beer and had to be pee pee stench hit me as I came up on Walnut and Broad.  Ugh.  There was a crowd of people and I had to push my way thru to get down to the Lush store.  I new there was a Mummer Parade but since I never watch it I didn't realize it would still be going on close to 4 pm.  Anyhoo, I got to the Lush store and was so happy to see so many Xmas items still there. So I got a bunch of goodies!  The sale was buy one get one free.  Yippeee!!
So lets start off with the Christmas Candy box above.
This was originally 40 bucks for what you see above.  Which I think is pricey.  I do love Lush and have easily spent over forty when I have picked up items, but I am trying to save up for a new computer ( like mine so old keys are coming off).  With the sale I could stock up for twice as much for forty!  
Can I just say I hate these.  I know these are better than actual Styrofoam peanuts but they are such a pain to get in the trash with out one sneaking out and ending up under the couch or in a corner.  I really need to stop squealing and tearing thru anything that looks like a present.  Yes, I will work on it.
They did have other package Xmas items but only wanted to buy ones that I know I will use it all up or will be able to give some of the items to friends.  This one worked out well, I love me some rockstar soap which with the sale gives me one for backup.  Out of the snow fairy lip balm, rockstar soap, snow fairy shower gel, candy cane bubble bar, honey I washed the kids soap and bubble gum lip scrub its the scrub that I am not jumping for joy about.  The scrub is just messy. I use so much lip balm that I rarely, I mean rarely need to scrub any dry skin off of my lips.  Its either that or I just run my mouth too much for my lips to get dry!  One stand out product was the candy cane bubble bar.  You really can get about three baths out of it.  It smells divine and really makes your skin so soft after a bath.
I picked up the night before Xmas bubble bar and got bearded lady for free.
I love the night before Xmas, the blue water is divine!  I was really happy to see this one back again. I haven't tried out bearded lady but I figured why not, with bubble bars I can get more than one bath out it and they are very conditioning for my skin.  Although those chocolate chip eyes freak me out and make me think that I am going to pick those out before it goes in the tub.

With the buy one get one free I decided to pick up a couple of duplicates.  Cinder is a popular one.  I like the red hot cinnamon smell but the pee pee yellow thows me off and doesn't make me want to luxuriate in the bath.  Makes me feel dirty, which at the price of a bath bomb isn't cool.
So I got Lil Lush Pud Bath bomb and Winter Bath in doubles!

Lil Lush Pud above and Winter bath below.
I haven't tried these yet, but the Lil pud is suppose to be based off of English figgy pudding with lemon and cloves as the high notes.  Since we are still calling for snow this weekend I think a nice bath with this one will warm me up.  The Winter bath smells really good with ginger as the predominant smell I think this will be a good earthy invigorating bath.

For good measure I picked up two more Once a year massage bars!

Love these!  While I already have two I just couldn't help myself and pick up another double.  Yes, excessive but it was on sale! And its only limited edition.  Damn their marketing department.  I really have to say this is my favorite scent at the moment.  I love the bubble gum scent and the glitter mustache is kinda cool.  At first I thought it was stupid looking but the glitter reminds me of the glitter bug massage bar that made me fall in love with Lush. Maybe its because I am eating healthier so sweets are not so readily available to me as in the past I am secretly still trying to get in the sugar!

I almost passed on this bath bomb because of the name alone, but being a double size bath bomb caught my eye.

Plus it has stars.  Yes, I know.  Silly, but very me!  Its about 5 dollars but since I can use it for two baths not too bad.  The lavender is awesome, but is like a vanilla lavender which is so soothing.  I think this one will be paired well with a glass of Merlot and a good audio book playing in the background.  It has glitter in it which I am not thrilled about because it means that right after the bath I have to scrub it out.  With these kinds of bath bombs that have glitter in it they create a glitter ring around the tub.  While the oils in the bath are good for your skin, its a pain to have to get it off the tub.

With all of the stuff I got I asked for some samples.  If there is one thing that I could stress above all else is ask for samples.  Don't be shy, I know it can seem weird if you are not use to asking for any but ASK!  Sometimes they will ask you if you want some, but if they don't just ask if they have any to give you.  I know I have gotten some even when I am buying just one item.  This is the best way to try out items before spending your hard earned cash.  I love samples.  It can be a double edge sword since it has stopped me from buying foundations, scents etc that ended up not working for me.  It has also made me buy just as many items after using them.  Foundation is a must, because of oxidation but that is another post to go more fully into that.  

I got Dark Angels face cleanser and the foot scrub Stepping Stone.  I am glad that the Sales Associate recommended that I use Dark Angles in the shower.  Is a black version of Angels on Bare Skin.  Where Angels on bare skin is very moisturizing and gentle Dark Angels is not.  Once you work in the water, its a tough scrub.  It does remind me a lot of the MAC Volcano cleanser.  It really gets the dead skin off and leaves you feeling squeaky clean, that is once you get it all off of your face.  Hence the awesome idea of only using it in the shower, it would make a real mess if using at your sink. 
Stepping Stone is nice with the main note being Lemongrass but for almost 4 dollars for 2.3 oz it fails in how quick it comes apart.  I would pass on this because you really can find better foot scrubs for the price in my opinion.

Thank you my lovely readers for reading!
I really appreciate your time.
Love, Mo

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