Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bobbi Brown Nude

This was my first Bobbi Brown Palette.  It has nude lip and eye colors.

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So classic and simple.  The plastic is heavy duty and it has some weight behind it.
It comes with some great brushes, a simple eye brush and lip brush.  I was really surprised about the quality of the brushes.  Way better than any other palette brush I have seen.
The colors look understated and are beautiful.  These are a couple of "my lips but better" shades that work great with any eye look.
The shadows are a mix of shimmer and one matte color.  They are lighter versions of the lipsticks.  At first I thought they could be highlighter colors but I was quite pleasantly surprised.  They go on like a dream and have great color payoff.  Now mind you I wear a NC20 to NC15 in the winter.  So they are still pretty light colors.
Overall I am quite impressed with Bobbi Brown's palette.  I would like to pick up more but at such a expensive price tag...unless it is at the CCO I don't think its in my budget.

Thank you for looking!

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