Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happiness in a Jar

So I love Chanel Makeup. I have no illusions that I would ever be able to afford to wear Chanel clothes.  They just don't come in my size, they are way to expensive for me and if I did have enough money to by Chanel clothes I am sure I haven't paid rent.

Even with all of that I do lurk around the Chanel counter in Macy's more than I should.  I am a stray from the MAC counter that just can't get enough.  The ladies at the counter should know this by now.  I look all of the time and rarely buy.  But the other day I was looking at the makeup and wandered over to the skincare and low and behold the Beautiful Sales Associate, who's beauty elevated for the fact that she gave me a sample of some face cream.  I don't care if you think I am shallow or stupid to be happy over a sample.  I love it.  I don't even remember what kind of skin cream she said was in it, I just love the little glass jar!  Most places give you samples in a plastic jar or a baggie that reminds you of some kind of elicit drug deal, not that I have any experience, I am just saying! ;o)

So here it is

I love the double C's.  Its so cute. 
Its a face cream that has a gel consistency to it.  To say that it works great wouldn't be honest because it lights up my face just to pick up the jar.

Thanks for looking and letting me share my little obsessions with you!
Lots of Love to you and yours,

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