Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Pretties! AKA My search for Robert Smith Lips

When I was in high school, I am so dating myself but I loved my jet black hair and rocking matte red lips. No, it wasn't because I was goth. Or is that even goth? Probably not but anyway...I just really liked how it looked. In the winter I get really pale skin so the red stands out. I don't even remember the color's name but it was from Estee Lauder and came in this beautiful gold package. It was a blue base red that looks amazing in the couple of pictures that I have of myself at that time. Even then I didn't like pictures of myself!

So lately I have been trying to embrace my "inner beauty" and rock out. Basically fixing myself up more to be noticed and not shrink into the background.
So enter in

As you might know I don't buy Chanel unless its a "milestone" for me.  It can be anything from getting a raise{Yipee!} to making some personal change that is good for me.  Well this purchase was when I hit a weight loss of 50lbs lost.  So I went red!
I love the double C's.  I am such a brand whore.  But I saw this color swatched on Temptalia back a couple of years ago, maybe 2009 and fell in love with it.  So it went on my Chanel wish list. 
The Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon is to die for.  Yep I went there.  Its a liquid lipstick.  It has some awesome staying power but you have to be careful that it doesn't go everywhere.  I do recommend wearing reverse liner on this one.  It doesn't bleed out like other reds that I have used but the liquid gloss aspect of it does hold it more in place if that make sense.
Its showing up more orangey red but I think its more of a orangey blue if that makes sense.? I love it.  Now only to see if I can muster up enough courage to wear it out to work one day.  Or at least out of the house.  So sad.  If anyone ever pops by and sees me sporting my bright a$$ red lips in sweats in my house they might call for an uncomfortable white coat for me!

Big red kisses to you and yours!
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