Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clearance Score!!!

I saw this a Ulta in the clearance bin and immediately picked it up!
Yep, the makeup palette to go!
The face case wasn't bad at the original price of $15 but I got it for $4.99!
The case is somewhat rubberized but not to the Nars extent.

Yes, there is glitter bomb midnight cowboy rides again.  Otherwise I really like the colors.  The bottom two are more my style, twice baked and grifter.  The blush is hooked up, which I will use as an eyeshadow instead of a blush but its a cool color none the less.  I just don't see me carrying around a separate blush brush.
Close ups!
From top to bottom, Naked, Love Junkie and Carney.  I noticed that Love Junkie and Carney are very shear and really dent quickly.  I am cool with that because I think once I use this up I will melt in some lipstick.  I love the big mirror that it comes with so I will definitely use this palette up.

It came with a decent brush too.  I really like the lip brush and I do touch up through out the day.  Its becoming an OCD thing to make sure I keep my lips fixed through out the day!

Thanks for looking!

I hope that you find all kinds of goodies on your clearance shopping!

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