Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Pick Me Up

How are ya feeling?

Okay I hope.

You up to looking at some makeup?

Well here it is.
I got this during a Sephora Sale.  Its one of the Aqua Creams.  This one is not lip safe but good for eyes and cheeks.  Why you would want to use this on your cheeks is beyond me.
I got number 2 because of a recommendation of Lisa Eldridge on one of her you tube videos.
Since I got this on line before ever looking at in person I was glad I went with a good recommendation.

So I will pass it on to you!  The color is a grey taupe that does not disappoint.  Its a great color to use on its own.  Yep you don't even need to set it with eyeshadow and it will stay on all day.

You do need to warm it up a bit so that it will spread evenly.  Just take a bit and smear it on the back of your hand and then apply to your eyes.

Here is the swatch above.  Its a nice color that can be built up to beautifull color.

I hope that you are feeling better.

If not, try checking out Lisa Eldridge's website and you tube videos.
Website to check out:

Thanks for looking!

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