Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unii Palette

Every time I hit a 10 pound loss in my goal to get to a total weight loss of 150 lbs I get my self a little treat.

Yeah its gonna be a lots of treats, but so what why not.

I have a MAC palette for eye shadows and its kinda lacking to say it nicely.  Yeah it holds the shadows, its thin and holds quite a few.

I had seen it on Makeup Geek's website and seen many a review about it so when I hit a particularly troublesome ten pound mark I set to ordering.

It comes securely packaged. The fold up that it comes in has quite a bit of information.
Looks quite plain, but don't let it deceive you.
You see this when you first open it and it totally reminds me of "Don't Panic" from the Hitcher's Guide to the Galaxy.
See what I mean about all the info!
It gives you quite a bit of info on how to take care of the palette.  Which seems kinda weird since its one of the most reinforced palettes I have seen.
Yep, more instructions.  If you couldn't already tell, blue is my favorite color.
It comes with a magnet strip that fits perfectly back into the palette.  You can cut up this magnet to stick to the bottom of depotted shadows.
At the top of the palette you can see the clasp.  Its pretty heavy duty, you can tell easily when its closed.
Here is the one of the coolest parts of the palette, the little blue flower is actually a thumb holder.  You use it to hold the palette like a painting palette.  Of course you can remove it if it takes up to much room or you want to put in more shadows.
It normally sells for $25 but I found a coupon for $5 off so with shipping it turned out to be $25.  Google is an online shoppers best friend.  You can find so many coupon codes that it really helps.

I recommend this palette especially if you are tossing it in your purse.  The secure clasp and heavy duty outside makes sure that its not going to pop open in your purse.

Thanks for looking my little lemon drops!

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