Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crakleious....Really Mo Really

So I am not the best at Post titles.  Never been on the quick witted side.  I am so the person that has someone a hole say something smart ass to them to only to finally come up with a comeback an hour or two later.

Yeah its a feature of mine.  I like annoy my friends with telling them what I should have said.

Hmmh like that.

Image Beauty got the OPI Katie Perry and Serena Williams nail polishes.  Instead of paying 9 bucks at Ulta I got them for about 5.  So if your in Blackwood, its a good shop in the Shop Rite shopping center.

Above is the Serena Williams one with the crackle coat and two coats of Seche Vite.

This one is Teenage Dreams under crackle.

A mess up of the crackle it was just one coat but a heavy coat of polish and it didn't crack so much!  Kinda of different.  Maybe with an obnoxious shade below...hmm.
Actual name

Some fun close ups of the nail polishes!

Check out the Sparkles

Serena's sold in a duo.
Easy peasy directions, use a lite coat for more space in between the black.

Ha Ha I get the name now.
It does kinda remind me of a tennis ball.  Its more golden sparkles then what I think of a bad pee tennis green.  Or that might just be me.

I am happy with the shades I got.  I do think that I will eventually go back and pick up the blue one from Katie Perry's shades since I love me some blue.

A side note, while I love having my gel nails cause goodness knows I hated my nails chipping into the nail bed because they were so flimsy.  They are starting to wear on me.  I can't scratch anything.  Stickers, nail polish on the edge of my cuticles and my little spots of eczema.  Although I always thought that I would one day have to tape on mittens not to scratch my elbows where the eczema is, I guess I don't have to do that now...TMI sorry.  I have been sharing too much info...

Thanks for looking!
Love, Mo

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