Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did you ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder about those samples and I mean samples loosely, in the magazines?

Well I normally don't consider it a sample unless I can get a good use if not two out of it.  Maybe I am spoiled that way but if I am going to plunk down my cash on a product I want to make sure it works.  Rarely do I make a jump on something like foundation without getting a sample or at the least having the sales associate put some on me.  After seeing Dusty Hunter's tips on buying foundation, it really does make sense to try it on and walk around check it out in different lighting and see how it oxides on the skin. So I ripped out an insert of foundation.
To be honest I don't really buy L'oreal products.  Yes, I have bought the long last lipsticks that they have but on general I don't buy from them because of the animal testing that their vendors for ingredients do.  At least the last time I checked.
As you can see the don't really give you a lot of product.  I am sure they probably weight out the cost benefit analysis of how much they can place and how much return they get on it.
So I placed the base on my hand which was more than enough for my hand.  It did even out the lines for the most part and felt very smooth after.  Not really anything different then any foundation primer.
I opened up the lightest color since it would best match my skin on my hand.
I haven't tried the souffle types of foundation before and it was kinda weird.  It might be because I am so use to liquid foundation or tinted moisturiser that this was off putting.  It was kinda crumbly and sat on top of the skin. 
Here it is blended out.  It still was a bit flakey on me.  I wouldn't try this type, semi solid foundation on my skin because I have such dry skin that I can tell this would show dry patches up like a highlighter.
I did leave it on for about an hour or so and didn't see to much of an oxidation issue.  So that's a bonus.

I do like the idea of samples and now I might swatch them on a more regular basis to see if drugstore brands can hold up to department store foundations.  I guess I will just have to try and stay in the house if I put it on my face!  No one wants to look like Juliette Lewis in the Other Sister!

Thanks for looking my little lemon drops!
Love Mo!

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