Friday, February 11, 2011

A wink and a prayer

So I went into the drugstore hoping to get a cheaper mascara.  I love plush lash from MAC. I know its over priced for a mascara you have to chuck in the trash in 3 months but it separates and gives me volumes.  So I know there are lots of girls and some boys that swear by the mascara they get at the drugstore. 

So I picked this up hoping that I would be able to replaced plush lash.

Its was off to a good start with a cool looking mascara wand.
I had high hopes for this one.  It had gotten some good reviews.  I just don't care for it.  It clumps on me like nobody's business.  Each time I have used it I have to go thru my lashes with an eyebrow comb to break up the clumps.

I would not recommend this at all.

I guess I will have to scope out another one. 

Thanks for looking,

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