Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New for Oh!

I had seen this nail polish brand on a couple of blogs.  Its not for the leery.  Well at least the pocketbook for sure.  I thought a lot about purchasing this one since it was $12.50.  Yeah not cheap.  Especially since I don't like to spend over 5 bucks max.  Since I love to get new polishes, I get coupons where ever I can to make it under the 5 dollar limit. 

I broke my budget rule for this one because of the holo look.  This is hands down the coolest polish I have.  Its called NFU065.  Not the most original name.  Its part of the Victorian Series of polishes.  I ordered it online and it took awhile but not horrendous shipping time.  I did get a confirmation email and a link that I could view where the package was at. 
The pictures don't do it justice.  It literally looks like a cool holographic stickers on your nails. Well I guess you could find a sticker but I love painting my nails.
 Above is only two coats of polish.  I think that I could have used 3 coats because it does streak a bit but it coats so well that you do have to take a close look to see if you have missed a spot.  Another thing I noticed is that when I put Seche Vite on top it somewhat tones down the holo.  Weird.  The one polish that I would want to protect won't let me!!! I haven't tried any other top coats which might help keep the holo look without toning down the holographic effect.

The wear time is pretty normal for me.  The tips do go in about a day and half maybe two.  I am quite hard on my nails due to my job has me typing about 7 hours a day.   If you aren't typing as much as I do, you will get longer wear out of them.  I didn't see any chipping on the sides or next to the cuticle.

Would I recommend, oh yeah.  I really don't see me picking up many other colors since they are so pricey for nail polish at $12.50.  Although I do have my eye on one of the "flakies" polish since I can't seem to find the Sally Hansen Secret Treasure's polish which looks to be a really cool top coat. 

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