Saturday, December 18, 2010

CCO Haul

Sometimes its good to wait.
I went quite awhile, for me without going to the CCO in Philly.  I really do have all of the makeup I will ever need but its fun and I like it.
I got a Bobbi Brown makeover last year when the Nordstrom was giving them for free.  There were tons of makeup artist there doing full face make overs. 
I love some free.  The artist did a beautiful job and I really did like how everything looked too.  I was just kinda shocked how much it all cost.  So I didn't buy anything.  MAC is normally the most expensive makeup I will buy.  Occasionally I will splurge for Chanel, but only on special occasions, milestones.  Silly but makes me happy.

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I was so happy to see one of the stand out products from my makeover at the CCO.  Black Pearl cream shadow from Bobbi Brown.  At half of the price no less!

Because I was so lucky I also picked up some other goodies that I had been wanting.
Emerald Green pigment from MAC
So pretty!
A Hello Kitty palette.  Love those colors!
And another product that I had originally passed on, Superglass.  I am so glad I passed on this.  I would be pissed if I had paid full price on this one.
Fab Frenzy is a total glitter bomb for me.  I just can't get it to work right.  It looks good for about two minutes then that's it.  So I guess it would be cool for pictures but I don't take that many pictures, ya know what I am saying...

I was pleasantly surprised to find a lipglee lush and bright there.  They are so fun.  I am kinda obsessed with these.  Other than the one I passed on with Venomous Villains (resort life) I rarely pass one up. 
Lush and Bright is a great orange gold color.  It allows me to hop on the orange lip trend with out it screaming "ORANGE".  You know in a cool way!

Swatches below
Yeah they look messy but so what.
Close ups of the Hello Kitty Palette.
Love this grey.  Such a nice shimmer.

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!
Love Mo

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