Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kangaroo Keeper

Anyone else carry around the Kitchen Sink?

Not just me huh?
Well, this is for you then.  I love this organizer.  For 10 bucks from Bed Bath and Beyond.  It comes with two in the box, a large and a small.

As you can see not a whole lot smaller than each other.
It works for various sizes of purses.  I do use the smaller one more than the larger. I like small for the fact that I can put it in multiple bags without having to downsize.

Here is the inside of the small one. The sides can be taken in with the drawstrings.

Here is the larger below.
Same setup, just with more room.

Here it is full of fun stuff!

Overall well worth the 10 bucks.  I like being able to find all of my stuff in a hurry and this organizer helps big time.

Take care my buttercups!
Love mo

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Kangaroo Keeper said...

WOW!! Looks so Nice i like it i wanna buy it.
Thanks for sharing with us.