Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Villians

I am so late to the party...anyway..

So here is what I picked up at the MAC Release Party.  Yes picture heavy.

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First up Dark Deed.

Yeah!!! Dark Deed Lipstick.  Love it!  Looks awesome even in my crappy lighting in my bathroom! :oD

Here it is in less yellow lighting.  Isn't it awesome.  It works great with my dark hair and complexion.  I love dark deep wine colors and this one does not disappoint.  This was obviously my standout in the collection and the most wearable for me.
I love the packaging.  Some have hated it.  That's fine with me.  I hated the To the Beach collection.  I thought it was such a bad representation of the beach collection but hey it came it went.
Oh so lovely.  It makes me happy putting it on.

This was my next favorite.  Briar Rose.
Love it.

Without Flash
With out flash, its a nice blush for me with cool undertones.  Love it.  Yeah, I say that way to much.  Get ready for more.

With flash. 

Next up is in no particular order,

Hot House Lipglass

I was torn between this one and Wrong Spell.  I saw so many pictures and was on the fence since I was purchasing so much from this collection.  I swatched it and right away knew that I wanted it.
Yeah the packaging is pretty cool but I don't normally buy lipglasses since they are so expensive for the amount of product you get.  I much rather pick up a dazzleglass or lipglee. 
I just fell in love with this pinky blue based gloss.  Its got plenty of color for me to wear alone or layered on lipstick.
Without flash above.
So pretty!

Next up is

I did miss out on the style black young punk.  I purchased blue smoke, which is cool but I am glad I waited and picked up my dark magic instead.
Way more product and enough of a dupe of young punk that I am quite happy!
Next up is the Truth and Light powder.
I didn't get a close up of the product but I am sure enough of you have seen it already.  At first I thought it was pretty cool and was enjoying using it.  Then I got a bit to heavy handed one day and it pilled up.  Yeah, you read that right, it balled up on my face when I was applying it.  After that it went into the back of my makeup stash.  Totally grossed me out.  I had heard that it would do something like that, but when it happened to me I was freaked! Yuck!

Then there was

She Who Dares!

So fun.  When you use these wet it brings so much more of the shadow into play.

Take care my buttercups!
Love Mo

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