Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Viva Holiday

So the holiday season isn't over just yet, New Years Eve is just around the corner.

I think that I found the perfect clutch for New Years and makes me feel good too!

Its part of MAC's Holiday sets.  Its the Viva Glam set. Its not so much of a sale getting this package but 100% of the proceeds go to helping people with AIDS.
Viva Glam is my favorite lipstick line.  All of the colors go so well with so many complexions and is my go to lipstick.  Normally I don't buy the lipglass but I thought what the hay its the holidays!

The clutch is pretty and roomier than what I originally thought.

Totally worth the money in my opinion.

I also picked up Rebel Lipstick as a back to MAC.
Nice dark red pinky color.
Totally worth the trade in!

Lots of Love,

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