Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Model in a Bottle

This is a weird one Mr. Grinch.

Model in a Bottle.

Okay, yes I spend way too much time watching You Tube videos.  Occasionally I buy things, well a lot more than occasionally truth be told, that I see the gurus swearing about.
So I picked this up when it got to my local beauty supply store.  No, its not going to turn you into a model....damn!
Its a setting spray.  Its suppose to be one of the best out.  Now, I picked it up because I wanted to try it out now and see if it really works so that way when summer time rolls around I have something to keep my makeup on.
So I followed said directions above and did a full face of makeup.  Notice the alcohol in the ingredients above.
Well it works for me.  It makes it stay.  Now I haven't tried it out thru a workout or in the heat (its freaking cold here in NJ) but it made my makeup stay for a good 12 hours looking like I had just applied.
The bad, I think it stinks the high alcohol content reeks!  So its one of those spray and run around the house to get the smell off!  Not really something that screams "Beauty!" to me buy hey I could never stand spraying hairspray either.

Thank you for reading my buttercups,
Love mo

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