Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yeah I am a Lush fan

Yeah I am a Lush.

Lush Fan that it is.

I first fell in love with Lush when my friend Gina showed my glitterbug a massage bar that has the most amazing sparkles!  They stay on to the skin for quite a while.  After that I was hooked!

I got the above as a present to myself for my birthday.  I have had a chance to try all of the products and the samples too. It was quite a bit of stuff but I really do enjoy Lush products.  I know that there are a lot of websites that sell bath products at cheaper prices but there is nothing like going into a store and smelling them there.  Scent is such a personal preference that it keeps me to the brick and mortar stores.

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Here are some more close ups and then I will write about each one.

Okay lets get started with Wiccy Magic Muscle Massage Bar

All of the little red dots are Aduki beans.  When the bar is melting it does sooth your skin.  I find that they melt so quick on me and put so much product on your skin at one time.  I tend to do quick swipes and then rub it in.  This is my second bar of Wiccy.  I really like the feeling this bar leaves you with and does sooth my tired muscles.  I have recently gone back to going to the gym so I am definitely slapping that on my calves.  I did 45 mins on the treadmill (no one was waiting so I hogged it!) and my legs are burning. This retails for $9.95 on the US site.

Next up is the facial serum called Full of Grace. 
It cost $13.95 and for that you get 0.7 oz. Which at first doesn't seem like a lot for the money but this bar goes a long way.  I have been trying to find something cheaper than my Korres Rose face cream for night and I think this is fitting the bill.  Full of grace is one of two serum bars available.  The other is called Saving Face.  Back to the one I purchased.  Its made for dry, maturing and sensitive skin.  I run a bit dry so I picked this one up, plus I was a little worried so I wanted the sensitive one too.  I get a little worried about putting such an oil base on my face.  I keep seeing big spots from my teenage years coming back at me in my mind's eye!  Full of grace is derived from natural oils that I really haven't heard of before, but I saw rose oil so I knew it would be okay for me.  It does have mushrooms ground in, but don't worry it doesn't smell bad at all.  I think the calamine powder gives it the pretty pink color and helps calm any redness.  I will most likely get this again unless Korres has a super sale that I can't pass up.

On to the Tuca Tuca

I was most excited to try this one out.  I smelled it in the store and was hooked.  I got the massage bar pictured above and the Tuca Tuca spray.  I love the smell of violets which is prevalent in this sent.  Side note, I was the first to buy it from the Lush Store in Philly.  The girls hadn't even put it out yet and they were kind enough to sell it to me early.  Always be nice to the sales associates.  Not that I couldn't have waited but when I go to buy Lush products unless I am in the area for the museum I am making a special trip over to Philly.  Meaning driving a couple of miles from my house then taking the patco line then walking a couple of blocks depending if I remembered the correct stop to take!  So I was bummed when I realized I got there a day before they were going to release it!  I am very happy to have picked up both the spray and the massage bar.  Oh, by the way Tuca Tuca means touch touch.  Good thing for a massage bar!  They retail for $7.95 for the bar and the spray is $10.95 for 0.3 fl oz.

I also purchased three trial sizes of the body butters in Karma Kream, Creme Anglaise and Dream Cream.   In general I think that the lotions are a bit over priced.  I like the scents but I know I find so many other options for way cheaper.  Specially with my dry skin I need a lot.  So I tend to just use the massage bars as lotion instead.  The three creams run from $24.95 to $44.95 for 7.9 fl oz.  Pretty expensive stuff.

I was happy that I got a sample of Lemony Flutter.  I did hear it was better than Burts Bee's Lemon cuticle balm.  While it is nice, I think that the Burt's Bees works better and is much cheaper too.  Lemony Flutter runs $12.95.

I got Happy Hippy as a gift with the special they were running that day and its cool, very earth scent.  I like it but wouldn't purchase a full bottle.  I think its too earthy for me to use when I have to go into the office.

I did buy two soaps, Rockstar and Karma.  Love these and will buy more when I run out.  Its something about that sugar sweet that gets me going in the morning and the earthy scent of Karma is perfect for a relaxing shower.

A new massage bar I picked up was the Strawberry Feels Forever
Its quite a big massage bar, which is a total plus being that it cost $9.95.  If you like strawberries this is for you.  It is made with fresh strawberries but don't worry it won't go rancid.  It does have a great combo of shea butter, coconut oil and coco butter. Its a good bar, but not a favorite.
Out of all of the items I got I was disappointed with two.  The Aromaco solid deodorant, it hard to spread under your arms and it crumbles a bit.  Yeah you can heat it up some first between your hands then spread it but that is just too much work for me after a shower.  I just don't like all of the work involved with it.  Also I wore it on a couple of days at home doing housework and it didn't work too well for smell either.  I was stinky in a bad way and had to hop in the shower for my pits alone!  Sorry TMI!  The other item I was disappointed with is the bath bomb Space Girl.  I had such high hopes for this one.  I love the citrus and black currant but it faded so quick.  I just haven't found a bath bomb that I like.  Not just lush bath bombs but bath bombs in general.  I like the idea but it cost so much for one bath and the scent fades to quick for me.  I much prefer a bath melt or bubble bar.  These can be crumbled easier than the bath bombs and smell longer.

Well this was a bit long winded but I hope I have giving you the Lush bug!

Take care and thanks for reading!

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