Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Friends are so great!

Yeah, I have been AWOL for awhile.

I had surgery about two weeks ago so I am just now feeling back to normal.

Thank you so much to my friends and family.  They have been there for me so much it brings tears to my eyes.  My beautiful Mom came up from VA and stayed with me for a week to take care of me.  She was my nurse, housekeeper, gardener, driver, cook and advocate at the hospital.  I know she doesn't read this blog, but I am so proud that she is my Mom and was willing to do so much for me. :o)

My beautiful friends were so great to me.  I got home and flowers were waiting outside for me and then I got another beautiful arrangement that still is alive now.  I have to say a big thank you to you wonderful ladies.  I never thought that I would meet such great women at work!  I got a balloon and stuff animal too!  It made my day!  If I was more tech savvy then I would be able to upload the pictures!  I was so happy I got up and made my Mom take a picture so that I could send it to them (on the phone).  I tied my Get Well balloon (if you haven't already guessed I love balloons) to me and still have it tied to my computer table!  :o)

My friend Staci not only helped me out big time and picked up my Mom from the airport when I couldn't.  Also she came by and hung out with us when we had gotten a bit of cabin fever, but brought over my favorite flowers and some lovely soaps.  Staci always finds the most thoughtful things.  She knows that I love different smelling soaps and she got me two great ones.  Here they are below.
They smell so great and I can't wait to use them!

I am going to start posting regularly again.  I have tons of pictures and have still been using makeup so get ready!

Thank you again to all of my beautiful friends and family for being there for me.  Your kind words mean the world to me. 
Lots of  Love your way.  My cup runs over!

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